Bit AdminPanel provides features to add support for DevOps using GitHub actions.


CI pipeline which is located in .github/workflows/ci.yml ensures that every change that is committed into develop branch won't break projects build in the following modes:
  • Blazor Server
  • Blazor Web Assembly
  • Blazor Hybrid - Android
  • Blazor Hybrid - iOS
  • Blazor Hybrid - Windows
  • Blazor Hybrid - Mac
The CI pipeline only has one variable called WEB_APP_DEPLOYMENT_TYPE that you can read more about it here


CD pipeline located in .github/workflows/cd.yml builds and deploys every change committed in themain branch into production.
By default, the CD pipeline produces .aab and .apk for android, .ipa for iOS, .exe for Windows and, .pkg for macOS. It also creates a zip folder that contains API+WebAssembly projects and an EF core migrations bundle to migrate your database. This pipeline also uploads all of the produced artifacts to the GitHub Actions artifacts.
You can manually deploy the artifacts into corresponding locations (App Stores, Virtual Private Servers), or you can write more scripts to automate these processes. For example, we've created a deploy phase for API+WebAssembly that updates the database using the migrations bundle and optionally deploy artifacts to azure web apps.
The CD pipeline includes the following variables:
  WEB_APP_DEPLOYMENT_TYPE: 'DefaultDeploymentType'
  API_SERVER_ADDRESS: '' # The API backend URL that clients use to connect to the server.
  APP_SERVICE_NAME: 'app-service-td-test' # Azure Web App name (If you want to deploy your project to the Azure Web App)
And it also includes the following GitHub actions secrets. It's important to mention that since the GitHub Actions secrets does not support storing files, to store secret files (such as pfx files), you need to convert the files' content to base64 and store the encoded result value as secret values.
# IdentityCertificate.pfx (See JWT settings section of
# Database
# Azure App Service (Optional)
# Android
# iOS
We have a plan to automate the deployment of .ipa and .aab files to the Apple Store & Google Play in the near future. So stay tuned!