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Bit BlazorUI

Using the Bit’s native Blazor UI components that are easy-to-customize and work on all Blazor modes (WASM, Server, Hybrid, pre-rendering), save time and make working enjoyable.
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Advantages of Bit Components

Native Blazor UI components
Written entirely in C#, Bit’s Blazor UI components are native and therefore have high performance. These components can be used in all Blazor modes (WASM, Server, Hybrid, pre-rendering) while the compressed size of your project will eventually increase up to 180kb!
Dedicated development team
Since Bit components are developed by a professional dedicated team, you can get sufficient technical support from them, and even make open source contributions on GitHub. Bit components have a fast release cycle and are updated at short intervals.
Easy to customize
By using Bit components that have been implemented in a standard format, you will no longer have the challenge of customizing the styles and functionalities of the components, and you can easily meet your development needs in a short time!
Special components
Are you looking for special components that are difficult to implement?! The Bit component package includes some special components such as file uploader or Jalali date picker that you can not find anywhere for free!
Multiple design systems
Using Bit components allows you to switch between multiple provided design systems such as Microsoft Fluent, Material, and Cupertino easily or create your own custom design system.