Bit BlazorUI

Bit's Blazor UI components are native, easy-to-customize, and work seamlessly in all Blazor modes (WASM, Server, Hybrid, pre-rendering), saving you time and making development enjoyable.
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Advantages of Bit Components

Native Blazor UI
Bit's Blazor UI components, written entirely in C#, offer high performance and can be used in all Blazor modes (WASM, Server, Hybrid, pre-rendering). Additionally, the compressed size of your project will only increase up to 180kb.
Dedicated dev team
Bit components are developed by a professional and dedicated team, who also actively contribute to the open-source project on GitHub. This ensures a steady flow of updates and allows for easy access to technical support. The components have a fast release cycle and are frequently updated to ensure optimal performance.
Easy to customize
Bit components are implemented in a standard format, making it easy to customize the styles and functionalities of the components, helping you meet your development needs in a short time!
Special components
The Bit component package includes unique components, such as a resumable file uploader and Jalali date picker, that are difficult to find for free elsewhere!