Getting started

Install the necessary packages to start building with the Bit TodoTemplate.

Create project

1. Install the TodoTemplate Template from the NuGet package manager.
dotnet new install Bit.TodoTemplate
2. Create a new project using the Template installed
dotnet new bit-todo
Note: By default, the current folder name will be considered as the solution name. If you want to choose another name, use the switch -n as below.
dotnet new bit-todo -n [YourSolutionName]
During the project construction, you will be prompted to install the LibSassBuilder global tool and generate CSS from SCSS files. Select "Yes" to both requests. CSS files will automatically be generated from SCSS files after each build, and the Web Compiler 2022+ extension in Visual Studio and the Live Sass Compiler Extension in Visual Studio Code will also generate CSS immediately after saving SCSS files. This allows for real-time changes to be viewed in the browser without losing state, thanks to dotnet hot reload.
You can also create a new project with the Visual Studio.
Create new project