Project structure

The Visual Studio Solution

The VS solution prepared by the Bit AdminPanel has 5 Projects.
AdminPanel solution
AdminPanel.Api: This project contains server-side codes including Controllers, Data access layer (EntityFramework ORM), Identity, etc.
AdminPanel.Iac: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the managing and provisioning of infrastructure through code instead of through manual processes. This project contains the necessary code to provide this feature. You don't have to use either Pulumi or even Azure, Host it wherever you want.
AdminPanel.Shared: This project is shared on both the server (Api project) and client(Web, App projects) sides, and can share code. The bit puts the code it wants to reuse; Like resources, Dto classes, shared contracts, services, etc.
AdminPanel.App: This project contains code related to building an app, although much of the code is common to the web project which are located in AdminPane.Client.Shared.
AdminPanel.Client.Shared: This project includes components and pages made with the help of Razor and Style sheet
AdminPanel.Web: This project contains the necessary code to run web version of the project (Blazor WebAssembly & Blazor Server)