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A set of tools for .NET developers across multiple platforms
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Instead of using miscellaneous packages, you'll have
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bit Boilerplate is a Visual studio and .NET project template that enables high-quality, speedy cross-platform development for PWA/SSR enabled websites and Android, iOS, macOS, Windows apps.
dotnet new bit-bp --database sqlite    sqlserver --pipeline github azure --sample admin todo --name MyAwesomeProject
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bit Butil helps C# developers to access the browser APIs that are only accessible through JavaScript in C#.
@inject Bit.Butil.Crypto crypto

@code {
    var encryptedBytes = await crypto.Encrypt(CryptoAlgorithm.AesCbc, key, textAsUtf8Bytes, iv: iv);
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bit Bswup is a set of tools that assists developers in making the most out of the Service Worker when building apps with Blazor.

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bit Besql facilitates the use of Entity Framework and sqlite in web browsers with Blazor WebAssembly.
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bit BlazorUI components are native, easy-to-customize, and work seamlessly in all Blazor modes (WASM, Server, Hybrid, pre-rendering), saving you time and making development enjoyable.
<BitDropdown @bind-Values="comboValues"
             Label="Multi select combo box"
             Placeholder="Select options"
             Combo Chips Dynamic
             OnDynamicAdd="(BitDropdownItem<string> item) => HandleOnDynamicAdd(item)" />
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