Blazor Service Worker Update Progress utilities

bit Bswup is a set of tools that assists developers in making the most out of the Service Worker when building PWAs with Blazor. It utilizes the Service Worker's events to handle Installing and Updating the app as fast and smooth as possible while minimizing the download size.
This unique tool harnesses the power of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) within the innovative new structure of dotnet 8. By amalgamating pre-rendering techniques reminiscent of renowned platforms like GitHub, Reddit, and Facebook, Bswup ensures an exceptional user experience.

Note: Currently, bit Bswup is the only tool that can enable complete PWA solution for the new Blazor web app project template that introduced in .NET 8 which has different render mode (Auto, Server, WebAssembly).

You can watch this step by step walkthrough video to see bit Bswup in action:

You can find the sample source-code of the above video here.