Create Project

Let's make our next web project a success with Bit.Boilerplate.

Create a new project using dotnet new command:
dotnet new bit-bp
Note: bit project templates accept the following parameters:
  • --name (default is current folder name)
  • --database default to SqlServer among following options: SqlServer Sqlite, Other
  • --pipeline default to GitHub among the following options: GitHub, Azure (AzureDevOps pipelines), Other
  • --sample default to None among the following options: Admin, Todo, None
  • --offlineDb defaults to false: '--offlineDb true' adds sqlite database support to the client mobile, web and desktop apps
  • --windows default to false: '--windows true' adds support for exe output for windows 7+
  • --api defaults to true: '--api true' adds support for aspnetcore identity, webapi, odata, ef core and fluent email.

1- Create a cross-platform AdminPanel app for mobile, desktop and web with Azure DevOps pipelines and a SqlServer database:
dotnet new bit-bp --name MyAdminPanel --database SqlServer --pipeline Azure --sample Admin
2- Create a cross-platform Todo app for mobile, desktop and web with GitHub Actions and a SQLite database:
dotnet new bit-bp --name MyTodoApp --database Sqlite --pipeline GitHub --sample Todo
3- Create a mobile, desktop and web app without sample pages, integrating GitHub Actions and a SQL Server database:
dotnet new bit-bp --name MyCompany.MyApp --database SqlServer --pipeline GitHub --sample None
4- Create an offline capable mobile, desktop and web app:
dotnet new bit-bp --name MyCompany.MyApp --database SqlServer --pipeline GitHub --sample None --offlineDb
Note: We recommend to create the project in a path that is not too long without space character in the folder names.
Visual Studio

Note: In second window of create new project modal, make sure to check Place solution and project in the same directory checkbox.