WebApp Deployment Type

Supported deployment type are:

Default Deployment Type

It's referring to a Typical single page application(SPA) without pre-rendring.


A Blazor WebAssembly app built as a Progressive Web App (PWA) uses modern browser APIs to enable many of the capabilities of a native client app, such as working offline, running in its own app window, launching from the host's operating system, receiving push notifications, and automatically updating in the background. Note: ASP.NET blazor supports PWA by default, but its update mechanism is unreliable due PWA nature, Bit allows you to handle it When a new version wants to be updated.


Server-side rendering (SSR), is the ability of an application to contribute by displaying the web-page on the server instead of rendering it in the browser. Server-side sends a fully rendered page to the client; Blazor pre-renders page and sends it as a static page, then later the page becomes an interactive Blazor app. This behavior is intended to serve pages quickly to search engines with time-based positioning. Statically prerender the component along with a marker to indicate the component should later be rendered interactively by the Blazor app. It improve SEO.
It's referring to a Typical single page application(SPA) with pre-rendring.


Static Statically render the component with the specified parameters. It's recommended when the target is building a static page like a landing page, content page, And like these.

How change WebApp Deployment Type easily?

To switch to each mode, easily change value of <WebAppDeploymentType> on Directory.build.props file in Solution Items root folder.