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To run the apps built with the Bit TodoTemplate use the following instructions.


After you've done the configuration, you can run the application. Set Api project as startup and run, you can see the swagger dashboard in the first view.
Swagger dashboard


With the help of Swagger, you can call the SignUp API and Start the registration process, navigate to Auth/SignUp API and press the Try it Out button, in the Request body Enter SignUp data, and press Execute button.
Swagger Sign Up
In SignUp Process after call API, a confirmation email send to your email, In the development, Bit saves sent emails as a .eml file in the ./TodoTemplate/Api/bin/Debug/net7.0/sent-emails path, and developers can easily handle them.
Confirm email
By pressing the Confirm email button, the ConfirmEmail Api calls and registration process complete. After it, you can login with the swagger login form on the top of the page, and call other APIs that need Authentication.
Swagger Sign In